An Interview with Joan Jacobs

How did you begin your journey with healing?

When I was 16, I developed severe psoriasis, an incurable condition according to traditional medicine. I refused to accept the verdict that I would have to live my life with this ugly and uncomfortable condition and vowed that I would find a solution. A few years later, I started my studies in Holistic medicine in which I was exposed to and captivated by body- mind concepts. As I started applying the methods I learned on my own health condition with very good results, it became clear to me that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others to improve their health as well. Since then I studied many different modalities including a 4 year program in homeopathy at the Devon School of Homeopathy, UK I have 25 years experience in clinical healing and teaching at academic and non academic institutions.  My Favorite modality is by far the Bach Flower remedy system and I have trained numerous practitioners in this field.

What drew you to working with the Bach Flower Remedies?

I was always a “people’s- person”. People always trusted me and felt comfortable sharing their problems with me. I’m a natural “listener”, very analytical and yet, extremely intuitive and I love verbal communication. I always knew how to break problems down into their components, identify the core source and propose good solutions. The Bach Flower system gave me the opportunity to realize and utilize my natural tendencies for the purpose of healing others which was a perfect fit. Another aspect is the inspiration I find in the ways of the soul and the challenge in having to find the right way to reach each individual. This work requires constant accommodation and adaptation which makes each case a new challenge. I love that.

What personal benefits have you experienced using the Bach Flower remedies?

To be honest, I can’t imagine my personal or professional lives without them. I have benefited from the remedies numerous times and continue to do so on a daily basis in dealing with personality related issues, specific mood states and as significant companions on my journey of self- evolution. They help me maintain my focus, inner balance and overall health by supporting me through the fluctuations and stresses of everyday life.

What do you love most about teaching?

Teaching has always been a love story for me. I love sharing my knowledge and experience, I love witnessing the process of maturation from “New –Comer” into competent professional and love the interaction with my students. Students have told me that when I teach I shine and I really think that this is because teaching brings out the best in me and allows me to bring forth my personal strengths.

Can you describe the learning process?

The course is both a personal and professional experience. As students learn the personality types and mood states, they gain a better understanding of themselves and their issues and also the insight needed to support others. Study days are composed of a combination between theoretical and experiential studying including live intakes with volunteers.

What attracts you to the magical Island of Ibiza?

I have heard a lot about Ibiza but never have been there. The Buddha House is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to teaching in such an inspiring environment. I live in a typically desert area so the vast greenery is very appealing to me.

Tell us more about the Webinar that you are running In January?

I created the webinar for those who want to get to know me better, and also hear more about the Bach Flower system and specifically about my approach to prescribing and the program info. I’m going to be introducing myself and my approach, then I’ll talk in general about Dr. Bach, The Bach Flower system and the remedies. I will also address practical issues such as integrating the Bach Flower method with other modalities and the support I offer graduate as they get started in practice. Last but not least I’ll give a program overview and explain the registration process. I will be taking questions on the call so it’s a great opportunity to hear about the program’s tremendous benefits and clarify any questions or contemplations directly with me.

For more information on Joan visit The Light Within and to register for the Webinar which takes place on Thursday 5th January at 7pm UK time email


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